The Constitution

What was the goal of the American war for independence?

What is unalienable?

The real Revolution

Articles of confederation

Effects on the constitutional convention

Why wasn't there a bill of rights?

Framers’ intentions

Beard: Economic self-interest of the propertied class

Look at the preamble

Reasons to limit central government power

Separation of powers,

Causes weakness

Causes compromise

Slows the work / inefficient

Weakens the executive

Why limit central power

Bureaucracy is acting on its own, and is not held accountable

States have lost sovereignty

Ways to limit central power

Laws, amendments, constitutional interpretation

The Federalist Number 10

The Federalist 51


Eric Jonas's 1998-1999 AP American Government Notes
This material copyright Eric Jonas, 1999.
These notes have been taken from American Government, 7th edition, by Wilson and DiIulio, and from in-class lecture by Mr. Greg Sandmeyer at Timberline High School.